Back Jane's NHS Plan for Montgomeryshire

Back Jane's NHS Plan for Montgomeryshire:

  • Save Shrewsbury A&E
  • A new Urgent Care Centre for Montgomeryshire

  • Bring services back to Bronglais in Aberystwyth

We the undersigned support Jane Dodds' NHS plan for Montgomeryshire 

Will you sign?

  • signed 2015-03-30 20:04:40 +0100
  • signed 2015-01-27 17:44:32 +0000
    If you look at Shropshire you have Shrewsbury hospital from this you have Stoke hospital 34 miles. Stafford 42 miles and Wolverhampton 33 miles away from the RSH, In the middle of these is Telford 16 miles from Shrewsbury , All have A&E’s. If Telford A&E closes the worst journey to one of the other hospitals would be approx 22 miles and to nearest 16 miles if you lived in that area.

    Should Shrewsbury A&E close and the A&E move to Telford this would add another 16 miles onto the journeys So journeys to A&E would increase from Welshpool 19 miles to 35 miles and Newtown 32 miles to 48 miles, These journeys would be on roads that are not conducive to vehicles being able to travel fast in an emergency THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    The Welsh Assemble seems only to care for the north and south, but does not seem to care about Powys mid Wales when it comes to emergency/major hospital care
  • signed 2014-12-14 21:23:21 +0000
    The NHS must be saved at all cost.
  • signed 2014-12-06 12:38:38 +0000
    I recently had breast cancer. treatment as follows:- diagnosed in Llandudno, surgery in Bangor,therapy in Shrewsbury.

    Powys being the largest county in Wales yet there was no support for me there other than my own GP health centre in Cemmaes Road.(which was excellent).

    Yes I fully support your intentions.
  • signed 2014-12-05 22:51:43 +0000