Llanymynech Needs a Bypass

key_llanybypass.JPGSince 1972 there has been talk of bringing a bypass to Llanynymech. It is estimated that 14,000 vehicles travel through the village on a daily basis. Now, in 2014, we have a committment from the Welsh Assembly to readdress the prospect of finally building a bypass.

The dangers of the huge volumes of traffic moving through such a small village are evident. By signing the petition below, you can add your voice to this cause. 

We the undersigned ask that a bypass be built for the village of Llanymynech in the interest of public safety and alleviating the burden of traffic and pollution on local residents. 

Will you sign?

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    The bypass was first suggested in 1937 but war intervened. In the early 50’s it was mentioned in a newspaper article. Then in 1972 definite plans were drawn up but not actioned. Since then we have been on the brink of it being built just after the Nescliffe bypass, through to where we are today. The Llanymynech and Pant bypass is the longest outstanding bypass in Britain!!!!
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    I was born and raised in Llanymynech and still return there to visit my family. I have also witnessed the increase in the volume of traffic speeding through the village. I have never understood why it has taken so long for a bypass to be done, as it clearly is needed.
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    By Pass Pant and Llanymynech…really we need a dual carriageway from the A5 Mile End to Welshpool/Newtown! The Four Crosses By Pass was a stinking plaster which was pointles as it wasn’t backed up with better roads either side.
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    I am originally from LLanymynech and have always felt that a bypass was needed – the volume of traffic passing through daily has built up over the years and obviously does affect local people especially those living adjacent to the road, the noise and pollution caused is a burden!! Talking about a bypass going back to 1972 !! some years on and now has to be the time to set plans in place finally and move forward with a project long overdue – LLanymynech is a village and the people that live there deserve to live without the daily noise and pollution caused by traffic which is constant and also a safety hazard which is not addressed at present by the single zebra crossing -I have witnessed heavy traffic passing through the village and the failure to stop when people were waiting to cross safely !!!! Bring village life back to LLanymynech and finally cease the burden of public safety , pollution and noise cause by traffic!!!!!
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    Spent my childhood in Pant and Llanymynech and it was horrendous on the roads then (and that was a good 30 years ago now) so I dread to think how dangerous it is now for the people that live there and their children.
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    Walking my kids to school along the pavement is very dangerous. The lorries overhang the pavement and the traffic speed is insane.
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    Used to live in Llanymynech as a wheelchair user and found the roads so busy it was difficult even to get to the local shop.
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