Number of school leavers on electoral roll in England falls 25%

Britain’s property developers: if you won’t build houses, the Lib Dems will

The Conservative government has given developers a carte blanche to play the property market at the expense of our citizens. And now the country’s in crisis.

Not enough homes. Properties sitting empty. Exorbitant prices. The market is closed and exclusive: a fat cats’ game. That’s not good for people and it’s not good for business.

Today the Lib Dems are laying down the law to developers: unless you build the homes that Britain needs, we will.

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Liberal Democrat Membership over 100,000

Our membership has more than doubled since the last general election.


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Government defeats attempt to restart Dubs scheme

Utopian thinking: the easy way to eradicate poverty

Leaving the European Union


Whether you voted leave or remain in the EU referendum, you still have the right to be consulted on the conditions of our departure and  one of the  biggest decisions that face us, and more importantly, our children and their children - the next Montgomeryshire generation.

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Rural Poverty in Wales



The struggle of many families to work their way out of poverty and give their children a better future is something all politicians should be focusing on. Global research shows that a more equal society, where there is a smaller gap between incomes,  results in less fear of each other, and a greater desire to care for those who are elderly and vulnerable.  Our benefits system is failing and is costly to administer, and we also need to accept that the future may not hold full employment for everyone.  More women are working, technology and automation continues to drive down the need for jobs, and better health means we are working until we are older.  

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Fly-TIpping Clean Up Costs


Is England showing what will happen in Powys?

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Dementia: "One Simple Thing"

Over the next few weeks Community Health Councils (CHCs) across Wales will be asking people whose lives have been touched by dementia, or anyone who is a care giver, one simple question:

 What could the NHS do better to support people, as well as their families and their carers, living with dementia?

POWYS Health & Care Strategy

Powys Teaching Health Board are developing a new Health and Care Strategy. Whilst it doesn’t describe the detail of the developments at this stage, it does outline the direction the board feel it is important to take. More information is available on-line:

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