Plan for Powys


Powys Council led by Independent councillors is not working. The controlling group of Independent councillors have no vision for the council, cannot agree among themselves and cannot control the budget to protect front line services.

A Liberal Democrat Council will be a strong voice for Powys, providing the leadership the Council needs, putting power in hands of local communities and ensuring the Council works better for Powys people.

logo_red.JPG     The Liberal Democrat Plan for Powys

  1. A Prosperous Powys – A plan for each Powys town to boost visitors, including free parking for short stays. Keep county farms to give young people a way into farming. Build affordable housing so young people can afford to live here.

  2. A Caring Powys – Ensure integration of Powys Teaching Health Board and the Council protects people with mental health and special needs. Bring care for older people back in house if that ensures a better service.

  3. A Green Powys – More recycling means local solutions for local problems, such as bin stores for flats. Enable people to recycle plastic film. Use renewable energy on council properties and use the planning system to ensure new developments are green. Develop a door-to-door garden waste service and keep local Recycling Centres open.

  4. A Learning Powys – Improve education standards for all children, and plan schools to put the long-term needs of children first. Fight to protect rural schools and ensure they are only closed as a last resort after pooling resources and federating schools. Support Welsh medium education.

  5. A Powys on the Move – A stronger road safety partnership to cut deaths and serious injuries on Powys roads. Protect rural bus services and improve road and pavement maintenance.

  6. A Democratic Powys – Cut the number of Powys councillors and transfer more local decisions to local communities. Allow the public to speak at Council meetings.

Having a group of experienced, determined Liberal Democrat Councillors representing areas from all over the County will mean that policies are co-ordinated, thoughtful and consistent.

We recognise that Powys Council is a major employer in the area and those who work for the Council need to know that the Council has a clear strategy and plan for the future. Liberal Democrats will work on behalf of residents and employees.

Our Councillors are committed to provide the best local service to their ward and area – but will also commit to work together as a group for the whole of the County. Independent Councillors are not able to make that promise.

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