Save our Breakfast Clubs!


Currently hour long breakfast clubs are free to all children, these are part funded by the Welsh Government and Powys County Council and are known to benefit working parents and children from the most disadvantaged families.

Powys County Council has just completed a consultation on the new Schools Fairer Funding Formula, in which they are proposing to withdraw their part of the funding, requiring parents to pay £1 a day per child.

The Council has also suggested removing all funding from Breakfast Clubs with less than 15 children. This will mean that parents will face a bill of £20 a month per child and those children at the smallest of schools will have no breakfast club funding at all, meaning that parents will have to pay twice as much for a breakfast club. 

We the undersigned call on Powys County council to re-think the cut to the funding of Breakfast Clubs in Powys.  


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