Conservative-Independent Powys Council Cut School Transport

The Conservative-Independent Powys Council cuts continue after they revoke free transport between Rhayader and Llanidloes for high school students, an agreement that has been in place for 49 years and has been condemned by Powys Liberal Democrat County Councillor - Kelvyn Watson Curry.

Rhayader County Cllr Kelvyn Curry


Liberal Democrat County Councillor Kelvyn Watson Curry said: “I urge the council to reconsider this decision because it is really making a lot of upset, uncertainty and considerable ill will for very little gain,” he said.
“Rhayader pupils have had the option to go to Llanidloes High School ever since Rhayader Secondary School closed in 1972, and there has been no consultation with parents or the schools regarding changing this situation.
“It was certainly not made clear when the policy was approved last year that a result would be that pupils from Rhayader would no longer receive transport to Llanidloes. Furthermore, I understand from the head teacher at Llanidloes that from September 2022 Rhayader will be added to their list of catchment schools, so all pupils will be entitled to transport from then.
“It therefore seems sensible and humane, especially for families who already have a child attending Llanidloes, to continue the present arrangement for a further year until the new agreement kicks in, especially as the bus will be going from Rhayader to Llanidloes anyway with vacant seats.
“Pupils in Powys have already had a terrible year – stability should be the protocol right now.”

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