Jane Dodds Calls for Action On Welsh Housing Crisis

Mid and West Wales Senedd Member (MS) Jane Dodds has taken part in today’s debate on the housing crisis in Wales calling for action on housebuilding, second homes and measures to protect the Welsh Language.


Mid & West Wales Senedd Member Jane Dodds


During the debate, Jane highlighted the incoherent approach of the Welsh Conservatives who state they want to increase social housing, but also want the right to buy scheme which has been shown to reduce social housing stock.

Jane also pressed the Welsh Government on second homes, pointing out that in In Gwynedd, 10 per cent of all homes in the constituency are now second homes which not only has an impact on homeownership, but the Welsh language also.

Commenting Jane said: “And if we see the way that second homes go across the swathe of coastal areas and the effect that that has on the communities and on our Welsh language as well, we need to do something very quickly.

“We don't have a plan for what that is; there will be no one single bullet that solves the problem. But we need to investigate innovative and radical solutions. Is it about us not just doubling council tax, maybe making it tenfold, so that we use that money actually to give to young people and families for a deposit for a house? That could be one answer.

“That is really important that we look at these ideas and don't just dismiss them. And really, I want to see something that means that we listen to our communities.

“We also need to listen to and work with the tourism industry to come up with a sustainable solution, because that sector is also vital to our economy. Let's work cross-party and get something together that's really radical and progressive here in Wales.”


A recording of Jane's Speech can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/montlibdems/videos/953534122090078

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