Leaving the European Union


Whether you voted leave or remain in the EU referendum, you still have the right to be consulted on the conditions of our departure and  one of the  biggest decisions that face us, and more importantly, our children and their children - the next Montgomeryshire generation.

I am opposed to being told that, as someone who voted remain, I must now be quiet and accept the decision.   Someone will have the power to make the final decision on our departure from Europe, and my view is that the people should have the right to make that  final decision.  This is far too important to leave to the politicians.  We must have a voice on the circumstances of our departure from the Single Market and the Customs Union, which will massively affect our farmers. We have to have a say on the agreements on freedom of movement, which affects businesses and our health services. Leaving the EU is a complex, nuanced process, and we should all have the right to know more about it, and be able to vote on it.  Once we know what it looks like, we all even have the right to change our minds.

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