Lib Dems show support for Warm Homes Campaign

22 Nov 2023
Jack Davies thanks Sway Place resident, Charmian Vilvien, for her contribution to the Quilt.

The event was hosted by Friends of the Earth at Brockenhurst Village Hall on Saturday morning. A quilt, made up of many different squares provided by local community groups, was presented to both New Forest MPs to urge them to lobby for more action to tackle energy-inefficient homes. Energy-inefficient homes lead to local families paying far more for heating and electricity than they otherwise would - especially in a cost-of-living crisis.

New Forest West Candidate, Jack Davies, attended the event in Brockenhurst alongside fellow Liberal Democrats and contributed his own square to the quilt.

Commenting afterwards, Jack said:

"I'm really pleased to support the Friends of the Earth Campaign for a proper homes-insulation plan.

"Almost 26,000 homes in New Forest West constituency are not properly insulated. This means people are paying out more for their energy bills.

"If the Government genuinely want to lower people's energy bills in the long-term, then they need to set out a clear plan for insulating homes and saving people money."