"Nothing In it for Wales”- Welsh Lib Dems React to UK Autumn Statement

23 Nov 2023
Woman looking concerned while reading a piece of paper

Today (22nd November), the Welsh Liberal Democrats have slated the recently announced Autumn statement as doing “nothing for Wales”.

The party have stated that the statement offers nothing for people living in Wales, particularly those struggling with the current cost of living crisis.

Commenting, Jane Dodds MS said:

“Today has seen more stale nonsense from a Conservative government out of touch and out of ideas.

Rishi Sunak must be living on a different planet if he thinks this will ease the pain for hardworking families after years of cruel tax hikes from his government.

The Tories have once again shown themselves to be completely out of touch and are once again failing Wales.

We desperately need a general election now to vote out a government that is unfit for power and has no real mandate to back them."