Machynlleth Recycling Centre Set to Close- Powys County Council Ignore Public Outcry

key_machclosing.JPGAt the Cabinet meeting of Powys County Council held on 9th September, it was announced that the Potters Yard Recycling Centre in Machynlleth is to be shut down.

The council reached a unanimous decision to close the centre despite a there being 2,000 signatures on a petition against the proposal. 

Immediately following the decision, Jane Dodds, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Montgomeryshire said: 

“I am appalled that the council could ignore the public outcry against this proposal. I understand that cuts need to be made but this strikes a very direct blow at Machynlleth and the surrounding area. 

“I have had people in Machynlleth tell me they often feel forgotten about. It is now clear to me why. For decades we have been learning as a society that recycling is important and they council have taken a backwards step in that regard and dragged Machynlleth with it. 

“I am already looking into alternatives and I hope to work with the local community in order to develop a practical solution.”

Councilor for Machynlleth, Michael Williams, added:

“I am shocked and stunned at the decision. The council have given skank regard to the people’s voices of Machynlleth.”  

Town Councilor for Glantmymyn, Gwilym Vaughan, also commented:

“It is not fair that Machynlleth recycling centre is the only one in Powys to close, especially when given that it is within the Dyfi Biosphere.”

Jane Dodds wants to work with the local community to find find an alternative solution to the recycling problems which the residents of Machynlleth will face following the closure. If you would like to have your say or contribute in anyway, please contact us here.

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