Powys' funding settlement announced

Powys County Council's funding settlement has been announced, with the local authority receiving a 1% cut.

The cut would have been 1.5% but for a funding floor negotiated by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. The funding floor reduces variation in funding for Councils across Wales.

These cuts come as the Conservative Government in Westminster continues to cut budgets. The Welsh Government's capacity to raise its own funds remains extremely limited, and it relies almost exclusively on a block grant from Westminster.


Kirsty Williams commented:

“The funding floor which we negotiated has made a difference, improving Powys’ settlement over the last two years. The way the Welsh Government distributes its money is now fairer.

“However, we should be clear that these cuts are a direct consequence of cuts from Westminster and budgets will continue to shrink while the Conservatives are making the choices they are.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrat’s funding floor is a productive step that has improved Powys’ situation. The Conservatives should consider trying something similar.”

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