Report on Energy Debate


I was delighted to take part in the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and Action for Renewables debate at the Royal Oak in Welshpool on Thursday November 27th. Joining me for the debate was Simon Thomas, (Plaid Cymru) and Glyn Davies, (Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire).

Andrew Slaughter (Green Party), Joyce Watson (Labour Party), and Nathan Gill (UKIP), were, due to various unfortunate circumstances, unable to attend. However, the room was filled to the brim with an audience of around 100 enthusiastic and engaged guests.

The debate was chaired by Adrian Ramsay, Director of CAT, and the range of renewable energy topics were covered, with questions from the audience. Solar energy, community energy options, fracking, wind, nuclear, and tidal energies were debated within the panel and with the audience. 

I support all forms of renewable energy, as we need to act urgently to address climate change.  I am opposed to unlimited developments in all areas of renewable energy, and would support limited developments in wind energy for example.  In Montgomeryshire, we need to protect the wonderful environment of this constituency by undergrounding the cables, and ensuring that communities are supported to give their views on developments and infrastructure plans. 

I remain committed to ensuring that all planning applications for any renewable energy developments are reviewed on a case by case basis. I am concerned that Powys County Council needs additional resources to make decisions on applications within a timely and proportionate way. I want to encourage Montgomeryshire to be a greener constituency. I feel that it is important to provide support to those wishing to save energy, and making access to clean energy as easy as possible. 

I am sure that there will be further debates on renewable energy and I look forward to meeting people and further discussing these issues.

Jane Dodds

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