Secretary of State Praises Local Businesses

key_vincegroup.JPGSecretary of State for Business, Skills, and Innovation, Dr. Vince Cable MP, visited Montgomeryshire on Thursday 28th August to speak to local businesses from Welshpool, Newtown, and the surrounding areas.  

He spoke enthusiastically about the many fantastic businesses which are thriving in Montgomeryshire but also heard about the challenges which they face. He also spoke about housing shortages and the difficulties in raising development funds from banks.  

Speaking at length, Vince Cable said:

“I’ve heard from some really dynamic companies that want to expand, and I think I picked up a certain amount of frustration that they are finding it hard to get going because of the difficulty in getting finance from the banks.  

“What we have to do is allow those companies to really expand, as there’s a lot of potential for job creation if they are able to realise their potential. 

Commenting on the chances of the Liberal Democrats in Montgomeryshire, Dr. Cable said:

“I think our chances are really excellent, and I’m hoping and expecting Jane to be the next MP here. 

“Jane’s extremely hard-working, has a very good background in local government, she relates to people very well and is committed to the constituency. She’s also bilingual and that’s a big help in Wales.”

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