Alison Alexander, Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd Candidate for Montgomeryshire is calling for £1 billion to be invested in Wales each year to tackle global warming, provide new jobs and Put Recovery First.

This will include investing in community led renewable energy projects such a small scale hydro-power and more solar panels on new buildings, while aiming to provide local jobs and bring manufacturing back to the county’s large towns such as Newtown and Welshpool.

It will also include supporting energy saving homes such as new homes just finished in Sarn.

The new houses have been built with heat recovery units to use excess heat that is produced to warm the properties, thereby incurring lower heating bills. Each home also has 4.2 KW of solar panels to generate electricity.

Alison said: “This is the sort of scheme we want to replicate across the whole of Montgomeryshire and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have an ambitious plan to retrofit 870,000 existing homes over a period of 15 years, providing 10,000 full time jobs over the same period which should be filled by local workforces.

“Even prior to the pandemic, an assessment by Powys County Council found a staggering 9,500 of the 59,600 households in Powys lived in fuel poverty showing action is not just needed to help the environment, but is crucial in assisting the population with their living costs. This is particularly true in Newtown and Welshpool where large portions of the housing stock date from the 1950’s and 60’s.”

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