Staylittle Outdoor Centre Closure


Cllr Gareth Morgan (Llanidloes) and Cllr David Selby (Newtown Central) joined Maggie Fitzpatrick Reeves today presenting a huge petition against the closure of the Staylitttle Outdoor Centre to Cllr Rosemary Harris, Leader of Powys County Council in the Council Chamber at Llandrindod Wells.

The petition contained 5,348 signatures and over 900 on line comments asking the Council Cabinet to reconsider its decision to close the Staylittle Outdoor Centre

Cllr Gareth Morgan, who was a key figure in the opening of the centre more than 20 years ago, said  “I urge the Portfolio Holder and the Leader to read some of the 900 messages attached to the Petition. Many give a poigiant message describing how the centre had changed their lives. I see no reason why good management and good marketing should not turn the Centre into a profitable enterprise as it once was"

Maggie Fitzgerald Reeves who organised the petition said, "I started this petition in hope that at least it would bet a couple of hundred signatures.  That it came to well over 5000 was amazing.  Talking to local people about how much it meant to them made me even more determined to present the petition in person to Powys County Council.  As a teenager, I was lucky enough to attend several centres like Staylittle, the emphasis on team- work, and non- team games built up my self- esteem and made me self- confident.  Powys Council must stop letting it's young people down; they must not moth ball Staylittle Outdoor Centre but work to keep it open for the future of all in Powys."

Cllr David Selby added “Among the over 900 comments on the campaign web site this note says much about the wonderful service that this Centre has given -"Staylittle Outdoor Centre was an important part of my development as a young person growing up in Powys. I am now a successful adult who has a great love of the outdoors and who contributes effectively to the community in S Powys, I am grateful to Staylittle Outdoor centre for the life skills it taught me and think its closure would be a great loss to Powys, please reconsider your decision"

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