Double Warm Home Discount and Prevent 3,574 Pensioners in Powys Going Cold this Winter

Powys’s Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to double the Warm Home Discount for existing recipients and make it available to 579 extra pensioners across the County. The Party says the measure would prevent pensioners being forced to “choose between eating and heating this winter”. 

The call comes amid fears that local residents, particularly 3,574 pensioners on low incomes, could be at risk from the energy crisis this winter. 


Elderly Woman Trying to Keep Warm by the Fireside - Getty Images
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Jane Dodds MS Calls for Mobile Access to Dentists

Jane Dodds today has called on the Welsh Government to introduce mobile dentist service for communities in Powys, after raising residents’ concerns over extreme waiting lists.

Jane Dodds, Senedd Member for Mid & West Wales and Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats
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Powys Tories Reveal ‘Nasty Party’ Side in Universal Credit Debate Say Lib Dems

The rejection of a Welsh Labour Group Motion at a meeting of Powys County Council today (Thurs 23rd Sept) seeking to commit the County Council to oppose the UK Government’s proposed £20 reduction in Universal Credit payments to families on low incomes is ‘a major blow to the people of the county and will push even more families into poverty, damage the Powys economy and increase the pressure on county council services’, according to the Council’s Welsh Liberal Democrat – Green Group.

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Calls For Contingency Plans on Rising Gas Prices

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on the Welsh Government to provide clarity on any contingency plans they have in place to deal with rapidly rising gas prices, citing the concern that many families could be pushed into fuel poverty as winter approaches.

The call comes as the price of wholesale gas has surged by 70 per cent since August putting several smaller suppliers out of business. Factors behind the surge include increased demand from a reopening economy, consumers as we head into autumn and reduced supply from Russia and Qatar combined with high demand from Asia.

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The Welsh Liberal Democrats have published figures showing that Powys is set to be hit hard by the Government’s decision to break its manifesto promise and suspend the triple lock on pensions after Conservative MPs voted to approve the change.

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MP’s have broken their promises to the people of Powys over unfair tax hike

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have slammed local Conservative MPs Craig Williams and Fay Jones over their choice to break their party’s manifesto promise and vote for a 1.25 per cent rise in National Insurance.

The changes, which go against the Conservatives’ manifesto promise not to raise taxes, will disproportionately hit young people low earners, and will affect hard-pressed small businesses will be left paying hundreds of pounds more in tax each year.

Jane Dodds, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Mid & West Wales Senedd Member

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Conservatives Treatment of Gurkha Veterans “A Disgrace”

Jane Dodds, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Senedd Member for Mid & West Wales has criticized what she described as the “disgraceful treatment” of Gurkha veterans by the Conservatives and Downing Street.

Gurkha Veterans on hunger strike outside of Downing Street (Photo courtesy of Forces.Net)
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Campaigners are not politicising Powys school closure fight

I read Fay Jones MP’s column on the politics surrounding proposed school closures with a mixture of consternation and dismay.

Her comments are disdainful of campaigners motivated not by petty point-scoring but by the plight of children and families facing enormous upheaval during an already precarious time.

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Time To Get On With Building New School

Welshpool Town Councillor Richard Church has called for an end to a dispute over a disused footpath that has put the construction of a new school on hold. Builders cannot start work on Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng on the old Maesydre site until an agreement is reached on the footpath to nowhere.

Cllr Richard Church & the old Maesydre Site.
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Jane Dodds Calls for Action On Welsh Housing Crisis

Mid and West Wales Senedd Member (MS) Jane Dodds has taken part in today’s debate on the housing crisis in Wales calling for action on housebuilding, second homes and measures to protect the Welsh Language.


Mid & West Wales Senedd Member Jane Dodds
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